Hydrasleeve Sampler 45mm x 762mm

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Hydra Sleeve Sampler3

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Simple by design: Discrete Interval, No Purge Groundwater Sampler that enables a very good representative sample of all analytes and it is low cost. The HydraSleeve™ is used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring wells to obtain a representative, real time, discrete interval sample of ALL compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions. The HydraSleeve is effective for sampling low or high recharge wells, for monitoring interfaces, and for concentration profiling. Simply lower the empty sampler to the desired interval, let the well return to undisturbed conditions, and pull the sampler through the sample zone. The HydraSleeve seals itself when full, preventing overlying layers from entering and sampled contents from leaving the sampler.

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