Automatic Digital Ring & Ball Softening Point Apparatus 220V 50/60Hz


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The Automatic Digital Ring and Ball Softening Point Apparatus determines the softening point of bituminous materials. Two laser sensors detect the fall of the ball, detecting and recording the softening point of the test material. The touch-screen graphical interface allows for parameters to be easily set and enables immediate execution of the test. The high-resolution colour display offers all functions of a PC for the management and analysis of data, test results and graphs. The bath temperature is measured by an electronic system maintaining the gradient (5 °C/min) as specified by the standard. The apparatus provides real-time visualisation of the temperature/time graph for the entire test. A magnetic stirrer with electronic speed adjustment from 0 to 160 rpm also ensures a uniform temperature in the vessel throughout the test. The unit provides the ability to test with boiled distilled water for softening points from 30 to 80 °C and with glycerol from 80 to 150 °C. Data can be exported to a PC via USB flash drive or SD card enabling data to be easily edited in Excel. Power: 220 V 50/60 Hz.

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