Pressure Controller Pro 3500 kPa 1250cc (Large Volume)


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The Pro Large Capacity Automatic Pressure Controller (3500 kPa & 1250 cc) is specifically designed for triaxial testing using large volume triaxial cells in a soil laboratory. It provides one analogue channel for pressure control up to 3500 kPa with its own volume control and measurement, enabling either cell or back pressure to be controlled, and a spare channel for an additional analogue transducer. There is also an input available for an automatic solenoid valve. It is normally controlled from a PC or laptop running the Clisp Studio software, via USB or Ethernet as part of an automated system for testing. The Pro Large Capacity APC has an Integrated 7 ” touchscreen colour display which can be used for data entry if used in standalone mode. Data is stored on an internal SD memory card for output to PC for manipulation within Excel.

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