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If you are taking a measurement, how certain are you that it’s accurate? It’s really important to make sure that the equipment you use is calibrated. Luckily for you, we can do that and provide IANZ traceable certification. Our calibration services include metrology (length, force and mass), civil engineering testing equipment and machinery alignment. That means that when you are using your shear vane or balances, or whatever measurement device you have, that it’s reliable and you can prove it!

Our range of services can be carried out in our laboratory or on site at your facility. We specialise in realignment of large equipment. If you are experiencing more break downs than usual or you have higher running costs then your equipment could benefit from an alignment, potentially saving you time and money.

If you need advice on calibrations or anything else to do with taking correct measurements or maximising productivity, visit our Calibration Centre website.

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