Laboratory Testing

Geotechnical and Civil materials testing is an art, a skill and a science; and Civil Engineering laboratory testing is in our DNA. We started almost 60 years ago testing materials on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and we’ve been doing it ever since. If you need accurate results that you can trust, then Geotechnics is your only choice - we have the best people, with unparalleled experience.

Helen runs our Triaxial laboratory and she’s like the Bruce Lee of Triaxial testing. Then there is Sim, who runs our Material lab testing. He is to materials testing, like Yoda is to the force. They are both world leaders – why not use the best?

Oh and we are IANZ accredited - just like everyone else, but ILAC accredited like nobody else. ILAC is an international accreditation, so having both means you are definitely choosing the right people to work with you.

You can use any one of our five nationwide facilities, covering more tests than anybody else. You don’t need to understand the civil engineering tests - that’s our job - but for you guys who love the techie stuff, this is what we do..

Testing Includes:

  • Atterberg Limits
  • CBR
  • Compaction – Heavy, Standard, Vibrating
  • Concrete Compression and Density
  • Soil Density Tests
  • Dispersion Tests
  • Isotropic Consolidation
  • Jar slake Index
  • One–dimensional Consolidation
  • Permeability - Constant Head and Triaxial
  • Pinhole test
  • Particle Size Distribution - Sieve and Hydrometer
  • Relative Density
  • Ringshear
  • Shearbox – Small & Large
  • Slake Durability
  • Solid Density (Specific Gravity)
  • Triaxial – CU,CD,UU
  • Hoek Cell - triaxial test for rock samples
  • Unconfined Compression Tests

Download our 'Guide to Laboratory Testing' (pdf)

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