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Underground services are complex and it is paramount that they are preserved. Here at Geotechnics, we utilise the latest Ground Penetrating Radar technology and Electromagnetic tools. This allows us to gather subsurface data through images, without destroying the surroundings. We can locate cables, pipes, and all utilities. To minimise your risk when performing ground penetrating activities, our utility service location procedures have been fine tuned; and we can even provide GIS output for design purposes.

Having the right experience and a full understanding of the principles behind our work, are crucial. That's why we fully support our staff to undertake industry training. Because the National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) is dedicated to establishing standards and best practice for the locating industry, Geotechnics staff are trained and certified with NULCA Professional Competency in utility locating.


- Service clearance for drill rigs, excavators, and general ground penetration
- Utility Service Location to identify all services in a given area
- Utility Mapping using GPS/GIS technology


- Painted marks on the ground for instant results
- Annotated satellite imagery and/or photographs
- High-accuracy GPS data presented as a figure using GIS

Download our 'Newstalk ZB Ian Waite Ground Penetrating Radar Interview' (mp3)


Download our 'Quick Guide to Applying Quality Levels for Service Clearance' (pdf)


Download our 'Underground Services Location ' (pdf)

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