Just putting geotechnical monitoring instruments in the ground is easy…but installing the correct geotechnical instrumentation, in the right places, to monitor the right activity and produce the right data...isn’t. We’ve been doing this for longer than anybody else in New Zealand and we’ve got the best team to do it. These guys are like the Big Bang Theory equivalent of Instrumentation. Clever, always thinking ahead and extremely industrious. They can take care of the whole thing for you, from the purchase of the gear and the installation, through to monitoring and reporting. We’ll provide you with accurate data you can trust, giving you the confidence that you’ll produce the best result for your client.

Instrumentation includes:

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers (Pore Water Pressure)
  • Inclinometers (Lateral Deformation)
  • Hydrostatic Profile Gauge - Profilometer- (Vertical Deformation/Settlement)
  • Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges (Structural)
  • Pressure Cells (Vertical Deformation/Settlement)
  • Extensometers (Vertical Deformation/Convergence)
  • Tiltmeters (Lateral Deformation)
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Datalogging
  • Reporting

Download our 'Bespoke Innovations with Leveloggers' (pdf)


Download our 'Profilometers' (pdf)


Download our 'Vibrating Wire VW Piezometers' (pdf)

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