Matest Asphalt Roller Compactor (ARC)


The Asphalt Roller Compactor (Slab Compactor) is a precision tool designed to create asphalt samples with a target density in the form of slabs. It can prepare multiple slab sizes that are suitable for various tests such as beam fatigue bending tests, wheel track rutting tests, or coring to obtain samples for resilient modulus, SCB, creep, dynamic modulus, etc.

Experience precision and efficiency with Matest’s Roller Compactor – the ideal solution for your compaction needs.

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Introducing Matest’s Roller Compactor, a product that has been meticulously developed and crafted entirely by our team. Operating seamlessly with an electromechanical system, this compactor eliminates needing any external air source (compressor) or hydraulic pressure.

Designed for versatility, it is employed to generate representative sample slabs of various dimensions for bituminous mixtures, laid and compacted directly on site. The compaction process utilizes a segmented roller with alternated operated rotation, closely simulating the on-site action of a street roller. Offering programmable compaction cycles based on specific load or deformation values, this compactor provides unparalleled flexibility.

Our advanced programming allows for the production of samples with uniform density and dimensions, aligning perfectly with Standards specifications and meeting diverse research requirements. These sample slabs can also be cored or cut off to yield cylinders and beams for a range of tests, including run tests, bending fatigue, indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep, stiffness, and 4-point tests.

Heating of the Segment Roller

Capability to heat and regulate the temperature of the Segment Roller installed on the Compactor and Sliding Carriage, ensuring the mold stays warm and preventing potential thermal shocks that could impact the specimen’s workability. The equipment comprises:

Control Unit
Mounted in the Roller Compactor, it foresees a thermoregulator circuit, complete with a probe to measure and adjust the temperature from room up to 180°C. It is connected to the segmented roller equipped with heating resistances.

Sliding Cart Heating Option
Thermoregulated circuit with a temperature probe to set and control cart temperature and keep the mould hot.

Additional information

Weight 1350 kg
Dimensions 220 × 60 × 180 m

40 kN