Matest GyroResearch – Gyratory compactor


Used for research purposes, this electromechanical compactor allows for adjusting the gyratory angle, selectable in a range between 0° and 3°, during compaction, real-time direct shear, and torque measurement.

It is one of the required equipment for volumetric mix design, The Superpave method defines the mechanism of mix compaction using this method.

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GyroResearch offers a fully automatic compaction procedure based on the Superpave’s principals and to international standards, it is robust and flexible for everyday and research use:

Rigid steel frame ensuring excellent angle control.
Full color 7” touch screen control unit, running like a standard PC.
Software for PC control acquisition and data processing.
Integrated shear stress measurement.
Automatic adjustment of the gyratory angle is defined by the user.
Optional integrated electromechanical extruder.
Gyration rate from 3 to 65 (other speeds available on request).
Max consolidation pressure according to the specimen size:
Ø 150 mm 1100 kPa
Ø 100 mm 2300 kPa

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Integrated Balance


Gyratory Wheels



Optional (Electromechanical or Pneumatic)