Pavetest Stand-alone servo-pneumatic four-point bending system (4PB) -Beam Fatigue


The 4PB system can be operated in haversine or sinusoidal, controlled stain or sinusoidal controlled stress mode to determine the flexural stiffness/modulus and resistance to fatigue of asphalt beams of various sizes.

The machine comprises:

  • B210-01: Servo-pneumatic Four Point Bending (4PB) Device with 10 mm actuator LVDT, +/- 5 kN load cell and 2 mm On-specimen LVDT
  • B209-08: 8 Channel Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) and TestLab software
  • B270-12: Air Reservoir assembly with membrane dryer

Power Supply: 90-264V 50/60Hz 1ph 240W (B210 KIT)

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The Pavetest Servo-pneumatic Four Point Bending System (4PB) is a servo-pneumatic testing machine utilizing digital control of a high-performance servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 60 Hz.

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 250 × 570 × 410 m