**SmartPulse: Your All-in-One Solution for  Asphalt Testing**

SmartPulse seamlessly combines a servo-electromechanical system with a meticulously designed climatic chamber. This powerful equipment streamlines asphalt performance-based testing and mix design. Say goodbye to cluttered lab spaces and the hassle of compressed air and hydraulic maintenance—SmartPulse does it all!

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SmartPulse is an electro-mechanical servo-controlled dynamic testing machine adopting a high-performance long-duration electro-mechanical actuator. It is engineered to deliver precise testing capabilities across tension, compression, and dynamic loading and is suited to testing.

a diverse range of materials such as asphalt and other construction materials. This versatile functionality reduces the need for multiple testing. machines, optimizing resource utilization.

SmartPulse boasts 18 kN capacity in dynamic load and 12 kN in static load. The machine is provided with a gear motor, so it doesn’t require the need for an external compressor or pump. Unlike traditional hydraulic systems that consume large amounts of energy, SmartPulse’s electro-mechanical technology minimizes resource consumption without compromising accuracy.

Key to its design is the integrated climatic chamber with low-consumption thermoelectric conditioning ensuring uniform temperature distribution.

The small window at the front is designed to allow access to the test space with minimal impact on the chamber temperature. Thanks to this feature, the machine keeps the temperature stable, reducing energy consumption. Users can easily monitor and adjust temperature settings via PC or thermoregulator.

SmartPulse is complemented by Pavetest’s CDAS2 digital controller and TestLab software, offering comprehensive integration for seamless operation and precise data analysis

Additional information

Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 850 × 1900 m

18 kN


Up to 100Hz

Temperature Range

-10 to 60C

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