The New Year brings new leadership to Geotechnics



It’s the end of an era for Geotechnics with Vic O’Connor announcing his decision to step down from his position as Managing Director and take on a new role in the company.

Vic started his career at Geotechnics 38 years ago as a junior site technician on the Marsden Point Oil Refinery expansion project, and quickly progressed through intermediate and senior management before being appointed Managing Director, a position he has held for the past 30 years. He was appointed to the T+T Group Board as a director several years later.

Under his leadership, Geotechnics has experienced significant growth in both staff numbers and the range of services provided to the civil engineering and construction sectors.

Vic’s new position will see him remain on the Tonkin + Taylor Group Board and he will continue to play an important role in the wider Tonkin + Taylor Group of companies, albeit in a different capacity. His strengths in business development, coaching, mentoring and developing people, will be drawn on across the group and within Geotechnics, to further develop the team nationally. His new role will also afford him more time to build on his long history of governance experience.

“I have loved leading a team of motivated, energetic and highly skilled people and have formed many lifelong friendships along the way. It’s time now for me to step down and I can do so knowing that the company is in very good hands.”

With Vic taking on a new role in the company, we are excited to announce that after 23 years with Geotechnics and a 2-year period of succession planning, Paul Burton will be stepping into the newly created Chief Executive role effective 1 January 2021. Since joining the company in 1997, Paul has grown Geotechnics’ geographical reach significantly, positioning offices in all major New Zealand centres and providing technical and management leadership for the regional locations.

Paul has been an integral part of strategic development within Geotechnics over the years and leads the business’ planning and development process with an inclusive and collaborative approach. This approach has proven extremely successful in effectively engaging staff across the business.

Based on employee feedback, Paul spearheaded the development of a new company value of “futurity” which reflects Geotechnics’ desire to have a renewed and continuing existence for the business, their clients, the community and the environment. Paul’s aptitude for technology and its implementation means he is well suited to lead this over the coming period, encouraging the adoption of new and technologically advanced approaches and solutions for projects.

Paul’s lengthy tenure, proven industry knowledge, and breadth of experience will help Geotechnics to further expand its reach and continue to create value for its clients.

“It is a privilege to be appointed to lead Geotechnics, a successful business with an amazing legacy of providing opportunity to its people and great outcomes to its customers. Vic and the Geotechnics family provided me an opportunity when I moved halfway around the world 23 years ago. In my new role, I look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals, creating positive outcomes for our communities, our nation and our global environment.”