Vaccination Status FAQs

Will contactless delivery/collection be possible for those unable to access offices/facilities?

Contactless drop-offs and pick-ups for samples or equipment can easily be arranged. We ask that social distancing is maintained throughout this process.

What is our vaccination requirement?

Once the COVID-19 Protection Framework is enacted, full vaccination will be required for anyone accessing our offices and facilities under the Red and Orange levels. This applies to everyone, including customers, suppliers and all visitors, including family members. We also need to meet any vaccination requirements of our customers.

What does “vaccinated” mean?

That you have a valid COVID-19 vaccine certificate produced by the New Zealand government.

Why have we decided to do this?

To take all practical measures to provide a safe working environment and prepare our business to operate safely under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, as there is increased risk of community transmission at Red and Orange.

Why have we chosen this option?

This option balances the risk that COVID-19 will enter and spread around our workplaces with impacts on our culture, ease of implementation, customer requirements and business continuity requirements. It is in line with the New Zealand Government’s approach in other industries that are subject to stronger mandates.

How did we make this decision?

As per Government guidance, we have taken a risk-based approach and developed specific risk assessments for access to our offices and facilities under the new COVID-19 Protection Framework.  These assessments consider where there is no vaccination requirement and a vaccination requirement and the resulting:

  • Risk of exposure is the risk of COVID-19 entering a workplace and being passed on (transmission)
  • Risk of transmission is the health risk to the individual if that catch COVID-19 in the workplace (risk to the individual) noting that the consequence of health risk is based on the individual’s vaccination status and underlying health conditions

We considered these risks together, then considered:

  • Cultural impacts
  • Ease of implementation
  • Impact on customers and suppliers
  • Need to continually adapt
  • Business continuity requirements
  • Feedback from our people (need, timebound, care, inclusion)

How long will this requirement be in place?

We don’t know for sure. We will enact this measure while the COVID-19 Protection Framework is in place and will be led by Government requirements and changes to the COVID-19 Protection Framework. We will review our approach prior to any part of the country moving to Green, and at three-month intervals.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing