Whirokino Trestle Manawatu River Bridges

Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Whirokino Trestle and Manawatu River Bridges Project

  • Client
    NZ Transport Agency
  • Contractor
    Fletcher Construction
  • Duration
    3 years

This project involves replacing the Whirokino Trestle with a new bridge over the Moutoa Floodway between the existing floodway stopbanks, a new bridge over the Manawatū River, a large earth embankment to connect the two, and tie-in of the new alignment to the existing State Highway 1 at either end.

The bridge replacements will not only improve road safety in the area, but will also allow for larger freight vehicles to use the route – as currently they have to take 14km detours.

Geotechnics has supplied and installed vibrating wire piezometers to monitor the pore water pressures during, and post-construction. Automated monitoring has been utilised for the vibrating wire piezometers to provide accurate, responsive results in a cost efficient manner.

Whirokino Trestle Manawatu River Bridges 3